domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

Reading is sexy. LLegir és sexi. IES Rafelbunyol Portfolio Team.

                                              Reading is dreaming with open eyes.

"Reading is sexy. Llegir és sexi." is an activity two teachers and me have carried out in Rafelbunyol High School this term. 
The objective was clear and simple : to promote the habit of reading among our students by inspiring them positively. The participation of the students was absolutely free. No coercion but motivation was a key aspect.

                                                  Reading shapes you. Choose wisely 

We encouraged our students to take a nice a photograph of themselves reading  and share it with the school mates on instagram. We created a photo gallery of the activity which we labelled with the hashtag #PortfolioIESRafelbunyol. You can have a look at their photographs if you wish.
One of my colleagues designed two nice posters. 
We believed in what we were doing. 
We worked as a team.

During this "reading time" we were all inspired by the words of others, their books, photos and comments. 
I personally discovered new facets of my students and established new relationships with many of them.  
They printed their photographs and we created a photo mural with all their contributions. 
We stimulated the other teachers to take part in the activity too and so they did.
This is part of the result.

And finally this was my personal contribution

"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body" - Joseph Addiso
IES Rafelbunyol Portfolio Team

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