jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014


                                   My star sign is Taurus.

                                   What is your star sign ?

This is for you to listen to a bit of English, learn new words  and have fun.
Don't take it too seriously. :)


Aquarius            http://youtu.be/eOnuPJZTqFg
Scorpio              http://youtu.be/__t79wQXla4
Sagittarius        http://youtu.be/Zvhqtm3wjM0
Libra                 http://youtu.be/5-W3wpJykhU
Pisces               http://youtu.be/TeEwaGTvFPQ
Capricorn         http://youtu.be/QzI2a1LhFTo
Leo                   http://youtu.be/SWTL9K0HQME
Aries                http://youtu.be/Rwk8BsH4g0U
Gemini             http://youtu.be/-jBgKl3jwHw
Virgo               http://youtu.be/pjtGMR9GRMM
Cancer            http://youtu.be/5dRoyKgwOtY

Are you like your horoscope says you are ?

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