domingo, 23 de marzo de 2014

How resilient are you ?

 What the concept of resiliency implies

 Five characteristics of resiliency:
  • Be Positive - See life as challenging, dynamic, and filled with opportunities.
  • Be Focused - Determine where you are headed and stick to that goal so that barriers do not block your way
  • Be Flexible - Open yourself to different possibilities when faced with uncertainty.
  • Be Organized - Develop structured approaches to be able to manage the unknown.
  • Be Proactive - Look ahead, actively engage change, and work with it.
                   (Darryl Conner in his book, Managing at the Speed of Change)
"When hurt or distressed, resilient people expect to find a way to have things turn out well. They feel self-reliant and have a learning/coping reaction rather than the victim/blaming reaction that is so common these days." (by Al Siebert, PhD)
* Resiliciency = resiliencia
                                               *.El término resiliencia se refiere a la capacidad de los sujetos para sobreponerse a períodos de dolor emocional y situaciones adversas.

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