jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Today I've thinking about what makes a good leader and the importance of leadership in any group or organisation.

But, what is meant by leadership ?

"Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal."

Management is different to leadership. Management is tactical and leadership is strategic.
And a boss is not a leader. A boss says 'go' while a leader says 'let's go'.

So, what are the qualities that make a  good leader ?

I've found some nice ones described in this article  :


1. Honesty
2. Ability to delegate
3. Communication
4. Sense of humour.
5. Confidence
6. Commitment
7. Positive attitude
8. Creativity
9. Intuition
10. Ability to inspire

And  I've also learned that all leadership styles are not the same ...

To finish with I've read a nice quote by Brenda Della Casa I want to share with you. Maybe you like it:

"A leader shows more empathy tan ego and remains dedicated to the betterment of the whole and not to the advancement of one "

Bye for now.

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